Have you met Kizuna Ai already?

March 25, 2017 21:05
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Meet Kizuna Ai (or A.I.), the new sensation on Youtube. Kizuna is an anime girl who does game playthroughs, vlogs and more. Started three months ago and is getting popular and bigger every day.
Of course she has an instagram, a twitter and a website.
Although no one can understand her, everybody loves her.
So put on the subtitles and start watching! Mucho more on her youtube page.

Of course the videos provide for some hilarious reactions like: “What a time to be alive” “i’m watching anime girl playing a real fucking game, what am i doing with my life??” “Doesn’t speak English, Doesn’t play games I care about, Isn’t real, …Sounds like a good youtuber to me: subscribed.” “we are now at the peak of civilization.” “I, for some reason, have the feeling that this channel will somehow take part in World War III.” “How did I get here?!”


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