School Girl/Zombie Hunter Chapter 2

Stand tall against the zombie apocalypse with overwhelming firepower, surprisingly specialized skills, and a wardrobe full of fashionable underwear!

Set in the Onechanbara universe and taking place at the prestigious “Kirisaku High School” (known for its balanced curriculum of sports and academics), this is a story of survival: five students cut off from the outside world and surrounded by a seemingly endless flood of ravening zombie hordes. Working together and on their own, each of the five characters has their own trials, tribulations, and triumphs as they all strive for common goals: find the source of the undead infestation, annihilate them with overpowering weaponry and fashionable undergarments, and put an end to this crisis.

00:00 2.1 Mayaya’s Plan
12:07 2.2 Weirdo
19:23 2.3 A Creepy Voice
26:31 2.4 A Trap?
34:21 2.5 Mystery Facility
44:29 2.6 Root of All Evil